Full Water Services

The first public private partnership for full water service

Veolia, 上海浦东, 威立雅浦东

In 2002, Veolia won the water supply operation and management contract of Shanghai Pudong, with a concession period of 50 years through international tender.

It makes a pioneering pose for the cooperation way of PPP (Public & Private Partnership) in the domestic market and is also a significant event for international water market.

This is the first outsourcing contract, which renders a foreign company the responsibility for providing a full service offering: embracing drinking water production, network distribution and customer services.

Major 50-year municipal outsourcing contract for water and wastewater services

In December 2003, Veolia and Shenzhen Water Group signed a major contract for municipal outsourcing services with the city of Shenzhen, located on the border with Hong Kong and one of China's most important business hubs. Under this 50‐year contract, Veolia and Shenzhen Water Group are responsible for the production and distribution of water, customer relations, and the collection and treatment of wastewater.

In 2004, the contract covered the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone (China's first SEZ) and served 2.8 million people. As the Zone expanded over the years, Veolia and Shenzhen Water Group now serve up to 10.6 million people in Shenzhen.