Operation and maintenance of wastewater plant in a major industrial zone

Tianjin Economic‐Technological Development Area (TEDA) is a major, state‐level industrial zone located on the coast of Bohai Bay. Under a 20-year contract, Veolia provides wastewater treatment operations and maintenance services to this fast‐developing industrial zone.

Industrial contract in Shanghai for one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world

Michelin, one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world, operates several manufacturing facilities in China. Veolia manages the entire water system at Michelin’s Shanghai production site. The company is in charge of designing, building, operating and maintaining all water assets within the facility, including the management of raw water, process water, wastewater treatment and solid waste.

Industrial contract with a major Chinese oil company

Sinopec, Yanshan, Veolia China

Veolia and Sinopec Yanshan Petrochemicals set up a joint venture to upgrade and operate all the water services – collection, treatment, recycling - at the oil refiner’s Yanshan site, located 50km southwest of Beijing. Wastewater to be treated comes from the oil refinery and ethylene production facility, as well as from domestic households on‐site.