30 Little Green Scouts explored Kunming’s No. 7 water plant and its water treatment process

March 22 is World Water Day. To deepen teenagers’ understanding on water resources and increase their awareness on water conservation, Veolia China co-organized a field trip with China Society for Environmental Services and Green Living magazine.to Veolia’s Kunming No.7 water treatment plant for 30 students from Kunming Jin Shi Elementary School.

The water treatment plant is the biggest of its kind in the Yunnan Province and is designed to supply 600,000m3 of water, equivalent to 50% of Kunming city’s daily water supply.

Under the guidance of Veolia’s staff members, students caught a glimpse of the water treatment facilities –from reactor, settler, filter tank to clear water tank, gaining an understanding of the series of rigorous treatment processes drinking water need to undergo. Veolia’s staff members also demonstrated a water filtration experiment to help students comprehend the principles of water treatment required for safe drinking. During the “Green classroom” session, mentors gave the Little Green Scouts a lecture on the renewal and recycling of water resources. Through site visit and interactions, the Little Green Scouts had a better understanding of the high quality drinking water service Kunming No.7 water treatment plant has provided to the local citizens, the water treatment processes as well as the challenges in attaining quality drinking water.

In 2015, Little Green Scouts- Veolia Green Action has already launched Green Classroom initiatives in cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, organized field trips to water treatment plant, waste treatment plant, combined heat and power plant, subsidized students to practice resource conservation and recycling; encouraged activities outside of school that provide firsthand experience of the importance of the environment protection , such as exploring the nature and visiting the communities.