First Green Earth Workshop Held at HKDC

The first Green Earth workshop organized by Veolia’s Sustainable Development Department was held on 23 November 2018 at the Hong Kong Kai Tak District Cooling System (KTDCS). About 40 employees from HKDC attended the workshop, with the topic “Climate Change and Renewable Energy” shared by Mr. Edwin Lau, Founder & Executive Director of The Green Earth.

Mr. Lau gave an overview of the initiatives which HKSAR Government has been taking to promote renewable energy  in face of  of climate change; and suggested what the staff  of HKDC could do to  preserve the natural environment. Attendees actively participated in the workshop and Q&A session that followed.
What’s special about the lunch provided in the workshop was the eco-friendly food packaging and that all beverages were served  in reusable cups to avoid single-use plastic cups. Sandwiches for everyone were also wrapped in recycled paper instead of disposable packaging.
There will be more upcoming Green Earth Workshops held at Veolia facilities this winter. Stay tuned with us!