Global Recycling Day 2020: a world leader in waste management and recycling, Veolia ensures access to essential services for all, in all circumstances, everywhere in the world.

Waste management and recycling is one of Veolia's long-standing missions. This major public health and ecological challenge helps protect people's health, preserve natural resources and reduce CO2 emissions. On this Global Recycling Day, 18 March 2020, held against the backdrop of a health crisis, Veolia would like to remind everyone that its teams are working hard on the ground to maintain and guarantee these essential services to people and healthcare institutions everywhere in the world, in all circumstances.


Managing household waste

Household waste management is an essential service for everyone's health. Veolia is therefore organized to ensure its continuity in all circumstances. On a daily basis Veolia's operators work hard on the ground, particularly in this period of crisis, to meet the health challenge.

Thanks to its commitment, Veolia ensures the continuity of its services and focuses on the safety of its employees wherever they may be working.

At this time, Veolia's mission is even stronger, as expectations are even higher. We are fully focused on continuing to provide our services throughout the world."

Veolia manages health risks in hospitals

For 40 years, Veolia has been contributing to health safety by ensuring the optimal recovery of infectious medical waste from healthcare facilities (IMW). Veolia works with healthcare institutions and professionals to dispose of this type of waste safely, complying with regulations.

Veolia helps hospitals and healthcare institutions control health risks by safely managing all hospital waste: infectious medical waste, hazardous waste (chemical and toxic), recyclable waste, bio-waste and household waste.

More than ever, the Group will remain fully mobilized at a time when hospitals around the world are facing an unprecedented influx of patients, generating a growth in the quantity of waste to be treated