Hong Kong District Cooling Co., Ltd Awarded “Distinguished Family-Friendly Employers 2015/16”

In recognition of its efforts in creating a family-friendly culture and working environment as well as showing care for the employees’ families, Hong Kong District Cooling Co. Ltd. (HKDC), subsidiary of Veolia, was awarded the “Distinguished Family-Friendly Employers 2015/16” and “Family-Friendly Employer - Special Mention 2015/16” in the category of Small and Medium Enterprises. This is the second time HKDC being acknowledged as “Family–Friendly Employer”.

Co-organised by the Home Affairs Bureau and the Family Council biennially, the Award Scheme aims to recognise employers who attach importance to the family-friendly spirit, and encourage them to continue to put in place family-friendly employment measures in the workplace. This year, HKDC is one of the 49 out of 1800 companies awarded “Distinguished Family-Friendly Employers 2015/16” in the category of Small and Medium Enterprises.
HKDC agrees with the family – friendly policies and has implemented a series practices upholding the policies.  Including  a number of people-oriented policies, such as flexi-working hours, regular “caring visits” by the management, keeping an open attitude towards employee’s opinion on work rules, as well as adopting qualified occupational safety and health management policies and practices to build a safe work environment.

At times HKDC also invites employees and their families to join leisure activities out of office hour, through these activities, HKDC hopes to enhance employees’ sense of belonging, allowing the employees to take good care of their families and work, thus achieving the ultimate aim of "Family Friendly - Win Win for all".

The Chairman of the Family Council, Professor Daniel Shek (middle) presents the prize to Mr. Chris Chong (Left 4) Managing Director of the HKDC.