"Let's Partner on Climate Action. Now.: Veolia Signs the Call by leading CEO’s Committed to the Climate

CEOs from 43 leading international groups in 20 different sectors with operations in over 150 countries, jointly generating over $1.2 trillion dollars in revenue in 2014, are launching a joint initiative to lay down the bases for a global and responsible agreement on the climate, at the COP21 in Paris in December 2015.

They will all sign an open letter to be sent to world leaders, inviting them to take hands-on decisions at the climate "COP 21" climate conference. Veolia CEO, Antoine Frérot, acting on behalf of our Group, is one of the members of the call "Let's Partner on Climate Action. Now. " published and relayed in the Financial times.

These 43 Directors are convinced that the private sector must take action at the global level to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and drive the transition to a strong low carbon economy, and call for an ambitious agreement to be signed in Paris, aligned with the sustainable development goals of the United Nations. This joint and massive initiative by the business world, in coordination with governments, civil society and the academic world, is the only response that is able to bring out ideas, concepts and new models to match the priorities facing the world.

This initiative was launched in the context of the joint conference of the World Bank Group and the International Monetary Fund on 17-19 April 2015 in Washington DC, and follows on from the commitments taken in January at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

This position adopted by Antoine Frérot reflects his commitment and the commitment of the entire company to the climate in recent years. As a circular economic operator and contributor of innovative solutions, Veolia is on the front line in the fight against climate change.

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