Little Green Scouts visited the Guangzhou Likeng Waste-to-Energy Plant

Co-organised by Veolia China, China Society for Environmental Services and Green Living magazine, “Little Green Scouts- Veolia Green Action” took place in Guangzhou Likeng WTE plant in October 11. 30 Little Green Scouts from Guangzhou Liwan District Guangya Elementary School joined the field visit.

The field visit to Guangzhou Likeng WTE Plant aims to help students get a grasp of the theories and processes behind waste incineration and energy recovery from waste as well as foster waste reduction awareness. Prior to this, the kickoff ceremony Little Green Scouts- Veolia Green Action was held in June 3 at Beijing Xicheng District Fendou Elementary School; in June 25, Little Green Scouts visited Linjiang Water Treatment Plant and caught a glimpse of the reactor, settler, filter tank and clear water tank, gaining an understanding of the rigorous treatment processes drinking water need to undergo.

Through this field visit, Little Green Scouts realized the importance of waste separation and knew how to differentiate between food waste, recyclable waste and other waste. Accompanied by working staff, Little Green Scouts visited the WTE plant and learnt about processes behind waste incineration and energy recovery from waste.
Built with internationally advanced technologies by the Guangzhou municipal, Guangzhou Likeng WTE Plant is a modern waste-to-energy plant for easing the pollution burden caused by municipal waste and the first plant that uses sub-high pressure boiler with a design capacity of 1040 tons/day and an electricity generation caapcity of 130 million KWh.