Little Green Scouts visited the Linjiang Water Treatment Plant of Shanghai Pudong Veolia Water Corporation

The Linjiang Water Treatment Plant of Shanghai Pudong Veolia Water Corporation received a group of special visitors in June 25, in which 40 Little Green Scouts from Shanghai made a field visit to the water plant to get a grasp of the treatment process behind using raw water from Qingcaosha Reservoir to provide high quality water supply for Shanghai citizens.

威立雅veolia 环保观察员

Coming to the Linjiang Water Treatment Plant, Veolia’s staff members gave a slideshow presentation for the Little Green Scouts on the water cycle. They caught a glimpse of the water treatment facilities –from reactor, settler, filter tank to clear water tank, gaining an understanding of the series of rigorous treatment processes drinking water need to undergo. Veolia’s staff members also demonstrated a water filtration experiment to help students comprehend the principles of water treatment required for safe drinking.
“Little Green Scouts- Veolia Green Action” is co-organised by Veolia China, China Society for Environmental Services and Green Living magazine. The project aims to encourage outdoor learning through hands-on science activities in nature, subsequently enhancing students’ environmental awareness and knowledge on saving resources and energy efficiency. In support of the project, Veolia China has established the “Veolia Green Fund” to subsidize schools in conducting environmental science experiments, fostering awareness on green production like water treatment, recycling, energy efficiency, which would in turn be produced into observation reports and videos.

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