Student Reporters from Changzhou Lucheng Primary School Pay a Visit to the Veolia Changzhou Technical Centre

Students from the Changzhou Lucheng Primary School learnt about the city’s municipal water treatment system and the importance of preserving water resources in their visit to the Veolia Changzhou Technical Centre on 9th February 2018.

In the “Learn More About Water!” lecture, the students learnt how fresh water were being processed before becoming tap water supplies and went through the essential steps in the municipal water treatment process, including segregation, purification and sterilization. They also took part in water purification experiments where they tried purifying mud water with laboratory equipment and handling residues.

Veolia, student reporters, Veolia Changzhou Technical Center
Students attending the “Learn More About Water!” lecture
Among the student participants were student reporters from the Changzhou Student Reporters Organization. They shared how the activities have taught them to conserve water and enabled them a basic understanding of the city’s municipal water treatment system. Many of them pledged to reduce their water consumption in their daily life and spread the good practice to their family. They were encouraged to customize their own “Water Conservation Scheme” and share it with people around them.

The Veolia Changzhou Technical Centre is a primary training centre that provides drinking water-related technology and skill set trainings for Veolia employees and welcomes visits by education institutions throughout the year. The centre has introduced a large-scale water treatment process model display for educational purposes in 2017 and recently decorated a wall with graphics of the water cycle hoping to appeal to young visitors. A total number of 1922 student visitors coming from primary and secondary schools was recorded up till 2017.