Veolia China awarded the 2015 ten most influential companies in the solid waste industry in China

The 9th Solid Waste Strategic Forum was held in December 18th -19th in Beijing, with the 2015 Annual Solid Waste Industry Awards results being announced. Veolia was once again awarded the 10 most influential companies in the solid waste industry and it has been 7 consecutive years for Veolia to win the award.

Veolia won the unanimous endorsement of the judges as the global leader in environmental services, and was recognized for its global benchmark for environmental services, professional operations management expertise and leading performance in hazardous waste operations.

Another forum namely “How to capture the exponential growth of industrial solid waste field” was held concurrently with the 9th Solid Waste Strategic Forum. Anne Kwang, General Manager of Hazardous Waste and WTE Business of Veolia China shared her views on the industry’s future as the guest of the event. She noted since the new environmental laws is launched, the demand for hazardous waste treatment is higher than the supply in the market. Every hazardous waste treatment facility is overloaded due to an excess demand. This has resulted in a higher requirement from hazardous waste facilities for the operation and treatment of every project, and there will be no room for complacency. On the other hand, compared to municipal waste treatment, the field of hazardous waste is more marketized. Both the government and the company itself should maximize their efforts in guiding the healthy development of the industry.