Veolia China is mobilized to continue to provide its essential services amid COVID-19 outbreak

  Veolia China is strictly following orders and measures of the State Council and local governments amid the COVID-19 outbreak in order to protect its employees, customers, partners and all stakeholders. Pre-prepared Emergency Response Plans and business continuity plans have been activated at early stages at all operation sites to ensure employee safety and that provision of essential water, energy and waste management services can be maintained during this special circumstance. 

  Veolia China has organized much effort to sustain usual service provision during the outbreak. The applied Emergency Response Plans, tailored to each operation site, allow the operation sites to continue to provide normal services to customers whilst keeping the number of staff on duty on site to a minimum. All staff are advised to stay and work from home during this period of time. Operations of projects are monitored closely through online systems and shall be adapted to operations and technical standards according to the development of the outbreak.

  The Group’s Chairman and CEO, Antoine Frérot, has been closely watching developments in the situation: he has asked all employees to remain vigilant and, whenever necessary, adapt their ways of operating during these unprecedented times. “Let’s bring about new kinds of solidarity, strengthen our sense of responsibility even further, and try to act where we can be most useful,” he concluded.

  "Veolia’s mission is to deliver essential services—drinking water, wastewater treatment, waste management, energy and air quality—on a daily basis. During this period, our mission is even more vital because requirements are even greater. We are fully mobilized to continue to serve you,” said Antoine Frérot in a message to the Group’s employees.