Veolia Participated in 2021 IE EXPO

On April 20th, the 22nd IE Expo China 2021 was held at Shanghai New International Expo Center. As a benchmark company in ecological transformation, Veolia fully showcased its solutions in water, energy, waste management and other aspects. And after a multi-dimensional comprehensive assessment by the China IE Expo Industry Research Institute, Veolia ranked first in the "2021 China Environment Expo Top 100 Enterprises List".


On April 19, the "2021 China Environmental Technology Conference" kicked off in Shanghai. Entering the "14th Five-Year Plan", the core of pollution prevention and control is to continuously improve the quality of the ecological environment, which means that it has higher requirements for technological innovation for enterprise than ever before. At the forum, Huang Xiaojun, Senior Vice President of Veolia China, and other guests exchanged their opinions on this theme.


In the afternoon of April 20th, at the water sub-forum, Li Weijin, Veolia Senior Commercial Manager gave a speech of "Carbon Emission Reduction in Veolia Sludge Treatment Plants and Case Study". Based on the carbon neutrality and carbon emissions proposed by the state, he introduced solutions to help local customers achieve their carbon emission targets.


On April 22, Liu Zhiyang, the deputy general manager of DDBS Environmental Remediation Co., Ltd introduced four technologies including gas thermal desorption, ex-situ direct thermal desorption equipment, ex-situ indirect thermal desorption equipment and leaching equipment. He shared the successful applications and cases in China and made a summary about the future development direction.