Veolia Sponsors Green Power Hike 8 Years in A Row

The 25th Annual Green Power Hike held on the 3rd February this year drew more than 3000 participants, including 12 teams sponsored by Veolia, raising more than HKD$5 million dollars in support of their dedication to environmental education.

Veolia is delighted to be a corporate sponsor of the Green Power Hike for another year. The hike has been meaningful and fun as our staff members competed for a good cause and made effort to minimize environmental footprints. We recognize our part in the event as an integral attempt towards meeting the sustainable development objectives set out by the Group. As the global leader in optimized resource management, we strive to preserve the natural environment and conserve precious resources and biodiversity of our planet. We aspire to bring positive impacts to the local community arousing awareness for sustainability and reconnecting urban dwellers with nature. We create values for our stakeholders with smart water, waste and energy management solutions we develop. Last but not least, we encourage our professionals to achieve a work-life balance and develop a robust work momentum.