Vice Mayor of Kunming meets with Régis Calmels, Senior Executive Vice-President of Asia

On June 1, Mr Wang Daoxing, Vice Mayor of Kunming, met with Régis Calmels, Senior Executive Vice-President of Asia to discuss the development of Kunming CGE Water Supply Company Limited (Kunming CGE) , and expressed his satisfaction with the Joint Venture and the partnership with Veolia China.


Kunming CGE

The Joint Venture between Kunming Water Supply Group Company Limited and Veolia China was established in 2006 and has achieved a steady growth since. Water supply quantity have reached an unprecedented level, while Non Revenue Water rate have plummeted to a new low in 10 years.

Currently, Kunming CGE focuses on supplying safe, high quality water, improving water supply service and meeting customers’ needs, while promoting upgrading works like building water facilities, retrofitting new meters and has received numerous awards for such efforts.

Mr Wang Daoxing, Vice Mayor of Kunming reflected that management standard has been raised since the establishment of Kunming CGE, which was particularly evident during the 5-year drought, where the city’s lifeline water supply remained steady, safe and of high quality despite such critical times. He further indicated his aim to expand the scale of co-operation with Veolia China towards reaching new heights in urban water supply.

Veolia will provide the best technological resources and expertise to support Kunming CGE in becoming the benchmark firm in China.
Régis Calmels
Senior Executive Vice-President of Asia