Deriving green fuel source from waste

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) can be repurposed as useful raw material for new productive activities such as electricity generation. In Shanghai Puxi, Veolia converts environmental threats into synergy opportunities by combusting MSW, generating heat, which then makes steam that runs turbine generators, subsequently producing electricity. The Shanghai Jiangqiao MSW Incineration Plant has added a new dimension to current waste management, resulting in a substantial reduction in waste volume and a production of green energy.

    Key Figures

    Design capacity:
    1,500 tons/day

    Energy produced in 2014:
    97,483 MWh

    One of the largest incineration plants in China, with a total built area of 35,000 m3

    Treated 282,202 tons of waste in 2014, approximately 10% of municipal waste generated in Shanghai