Indicators measuring service performance


In 2005, Veolia signed an industrial cleaning and environmental services contract with Tomago Aluminium.  Since then, the Group has managed a host of services at the site of Australia's biggest foundry. Examples include grouped services such as high-pressure washing, vacuum loading, materials sorting and recycling and various ancillary services for smelting operations; waste management and resource recovery, including the removal of production process waste for recycling & recovery, collection of non-hazardous and recyclable waste and hazardous liquid waste; routine facility maintenance; and services for refractory installations, including withdrawal of the potline and casting ladles, installation and commissioning.

Veolia also delivers Integrated HVAC (Heating, ventilation and air conditioning) services including on-site mobile plant monitoring. Within 2012, Veolia entered in an agreement with Tomago for future on-site water recycling and reuse infrastructure.


To ensure service quality and coordinate with the customer, Veolia introduced a number of key performance indicators, which are reviewed monthly with the main stakeholders. This performance reporting highlighted the partnership's operational excellence and has received a number of awards for outstanding safety and environmental quality. Veolia was honored as a "leading supplier" for the quality of its services as a whole.


This comprehensive partnership enables us to rise to the day-to-day challenge of offering Tomago Aluminium the same level of safety and quality for all the services we provide at the Newcastle site.
Brett Jones
Director, Tomago Aluminium/Veolia contract


Key Figures

Lower management costs

A partnership dating back more than
10 years

Customer benefits

  • A single contact for facility management
  • A strict set of key performance indicators
  • Employee safety
  • Environmental footprint management


  • Multitechnical and multisite maintenance