Landfill, source of renewable energy

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Recovering energy in the form of biogas (consisting mainly of CO2 and methane) captured in landfill facilities is an important factor in reducing greenhouse gas emissions globally. This has been demonstrated by the project designed, built and operated by Veolia in Laogang, China, and registered by the United Nations in 2012 as a Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). The project is a landfill gas recovery and utilization project in Shanghai Laogang in China on an existing landfill site. The main objective of the project is to collect and utilize gas which consists primarily of methane to generate electricity by installing LFG collection and pre-treatment system, electricity generation system and LFG flaring system on site. To date it is the largest facility of its kind in operation in Asia.

Veolia Shanghai Laogang Landfill

Key figures 

11 generators for an installed capacity of 15 MW

Production potential of 100,000 MWh per year

Direct emissions reduction of 660 thousand metric tonnes of CO2 equivalent per year