Managing one of the major waste disposal sites for Hong Kong

At The South East New Territories Landfill (SENT Landfill), Veolia has implemented state-of-the-art landfill design, construction and management techniques for waste disposal. It is currently operated with high efficiency and highest environmental standards.

The landfill gas treatment facility at the SENT Landfill to be commissioned will inject energy derived from waste into the grid upon completion, thereby diversifying the sources of energy for Hong Kong.

Key Figures

Design capacity:
43 million m3

Hong Kong’s second largest strategic landfill in terms of geographical area


Waste type:
construction waste

Record high of receiving about 20,000 metric tons of both municipal solid waste and construction waste in one day

Customer benefits

  • Latest landfill technology
  • Safe, professional services and socially conscious solutions
  • Efficient and environmental conscious operation


  • Landfill liner system
  • Leachate management system
  • Landfill gas management system
  • Surface water / ground water management system
  • Environmental monitoring system
  • Posi-shell application for covering
  • Vehicle washing facility