Hazardous Waste Management

Veolia is a leader in the sector of hazardous waste treatment and disposal. Currently operating in 7 provinces and direct-controlled municipalities in China, Veolia provides tailored solutions to the local governments and industries. Its comprehensive expertise covers waste collection, transportation, recovery, physio-chemical treatment, incineration and landfilling.

Veolia uses management systems in compliance with the most stringent national legislation. This system also allows to track the waste from its collection to its final treatment, guaranteeing complete transparency for the clients in compliance with its own corporate standards.

Hazardous waste such as paints, solvents, resins, residual oils, heavy metals, batteries, fluorescent tubes, contaminated packages and waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) needs to be collected separately for recycling and resource recovery.

Veolia ensures comprehensive hazardous waste management in every treatment process: collection, transportation, recovery, physicochemical treatment, incineration or landfill disposal. Its services aim to provide clients with the safe treatment of hazardous waste while fulfilling all reporting and transparency requirements.

危险废弃物处理 , 威立雅废弃物
Veolia China,威立雅中国废弃物, jiangqiao, 浦西,垃圾焚烧
Waste management


Foshan Veolia, 威立雅佛山,填埋,废弃物填埋,垃圾填埋
Waste management

Stabilization and landfilling

wastewater treatment, 废水处理
Waste management

Physical/chemical and wastewater treatment

Waste management

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