Lagoon management

污水池, 含油污泥池, 工业用地, 垃圾填埋场渗滤液, lagoon treatment

The Lagoon here also includes the drilling company or chemical plant scum pool, oily sludge ponds, cooling tower sludge pool or ash pond, industrial waste water pond and municipal works artificial lake which needs dredging, as well as landfill leachate pool.

Veolia Industrial Services' years of experience have helped the clients to solve all the problems associated with the cleaning of sludge pools, scum pools or ash ponds. Our advantages are:

Predict the workload, cost and time before the work, develop a work plan and strictly enforce the work to reduce the workload of the owners

No need to empty the pool, dredging online without affecting the use of the pool;

Reduce wastewater and waste production, as well as disposal costs

Oil recovery

The customer does not need to invest, Veolia prepares the corresponding equipment and service according to the demand

Sludge treatment includes three stages:

Preliminary preparation: site exploration, sludge analysis

Dredging services

Sludge treatment

  • Mud and sediment mapping
  • Estimating sludge volume
  • Sampling
  • Equipment: vessels, ultrasonic equipment, mapping equipment and software
  • Solid content, specific gravity, organic matter, pH
  • Flocculation experiments
  • Dehydration experiments
  • Technical and economic analysis
  • Remote control
  • Built-in lighting and camera system provides intuitive feedback on the effectiveness
  • Sucking accurately and quickly
  • Can suck particles in 40mm or less
  • Remote control
  • High safety
  • Dredging depth of up to 3 meters
  • No need to empty the pool, online dredging, no effect on the use of the pool
  • Vehicle-mounted pressure filtration equipment
  • Plate press filter
  • Belt press filter
  • Stand-alone capacity of 1 ton / hour (dry mud)
  • Sludge cake with a solid content of 30% -70%
  • Configured by condition
  • Maximum capacity per unit is up to 60m3 / hour
  • Solid content is up to 30%