Oily sludge and cuttings treatment

Oily sludge, cuttings treatment, 炼油, 含油污泥, 危险废物

Veolia Industrial Services is committed to helping oilfields, oil refiners and chemical companies to solve the problems of oily sludge and drill cuttings, and to recycle and treat hazardous wastes through mature experience and efficient technology.

 Oily sludge mainly includes the sludge from oil extraction refining, falling sludge from gathering and transportation accidents, and the sludge from settling tank and the scum sediment from joint station and so on. Drill cuttings are stratum drills that are destroyed by a drill bit during drilling and carried to the surface by a mud circulation system.

It is the main waste in the drilling process, which is accompanied by waste drilling fluid. As the sludge and cuttings containing hydrocarbon substances which do relatively large harm to the environmental, they were included in the "National List of hazardous wastes" (HW08)

    Veolia's extensive operating experience helps customers solve oily sludge, drill cuttings and other petroleum-containing hydrocarbon waste problems:

    Targeted equipment for a wide range of different types of feeds, efficient handling while helping customers save on disposal costs

    Generate valuable heat, oil and ash during disposal.

    • Reduce waste volume and the treated clean soils can be used for construction purposes.

    Improve environmental performance and reduce odor emissions.

    Sustainable development in line with environmental regulations while strengthening good relations with local communities.

    A variety of business cooperation model

    In-situ Service Contract

    Flexible skid-mounted equipment can be configured according to customer’s requirements

    Ensure the quality of the treatment according to the cost of the service

    Compensation based on negligence

    Veolia undertakes:

    Investment risk

    Quality risk

    Operational risk

    Permanent fixed equipment:

    Design, build and operate

    Centralized processing center according to customer’s requirements

    Customers need to deliver waste, remove recovered oil, waste water and solid waste timely

    Co-investment, profit sharing