Soil Washing

The current technology of remediating heavy metal contaminated soil is limited to stabilization or solidification in China without actually separating the contaminants from soil particles. Veolia introduces international robust soil washing technology and professional experts, applies co-mingled technology according to specific soil characteristics, which provides the sufficient conditions to meet the remediation targets.
Soil washing, 土壤淋洗

Technical features:

  • Organic and inorganic contaminants can be treated at the same time;
  • Volume of subject contaminants can be reduced significantly;
  • No off-gas or waste water discharges from the system during treatment;
  • One of the few permanent treatment alternatives for soils contaminated with metals;
  • Be able to treat broad range of influent contaminants;
  • The washing reagent can be clean water or chemical reagents;
  • Soil can be backfilled post-remediation depending upon site conditions.

Applicable polluted sites:

  • Feasible for excavation project with heavy metal and/or complex contaminants;
  • The economic benefit will be improved when silt or clay content is less than 30%.