Competitive and innovative water services for industries

Veolia has developed innovative, competitive solutions and top-level expertise that manage industries’ entire water cycle: from abstraction or desalination to producing process water through to treating and recycling wastewater and sludge.  



In today's global economy, the chemical industry is constantly challenged to improve productivity and efficiency, reduce costs, comply with ever more stringent environmental standards and ensure water supply everywhere on a site at all times.


As your business evolves, Veolia, with the ability to provide full water services, is at your side to help you define the most appropriate solution regarding your water and wastewater treatment facilities: production expansion requiring new water and wastewater facilities, process revamps, restructuring support functions, and other significant undertakings.

Veolia Water Technologies designs and builds fully integrated and customized water and wastewater treatment plants. We support you at anytime when choosing new and/or upgraded treatment processes. Veolia operates and maintains your facilities, guaranteeing treatment performance. Our know-how is available to assist you define the most appropriate solutions for your operations. To date, numerous chemical manufacturing sites have entrusted Veolia with the management of their facilities. Globally we produce approximately 80 million m3 of process water and we treat 70 million m3 of wastewater.

Aware of the financial constraints weighing down on water treatment assets, Veolia provides flexible and innovative financing solutions. When taking charge of existing facilities, Veolia proposes the transfer of the industrial client's personnel and their integration into its own operating teams.

Hydrocarbon processing industry

This hydrocarbon processing industry uses huge volumes of water, primarily when it comes to the energy management of its sites. It is therefore important to bring consumption under control in order to reduce the amount of water abstracted from the natural environment. Using alternative resources, reusing certain fluxes in the process and reducing the amount of pollution generated by effluents and sludge are of primary concern in the refineries and petrochemicals industry.


Veolia’s technological expertise in this area covers the full water cycle, sludge management and some in-process solutions :

  • Make-up water
  • Water network maintenance
  • Cooling water systems management
  • Boiler feed water ( RO, Demin, etc.)
  • Spent caustic treatments
  • Bio & oily sludge dewatering, centrifugation, incineration
  • Re-use and Zero liquid Discharge (ZLD)
  • Wastewater treatment, including TiPSS, DAF/DNF, and biological processes
  • VOC control
  • KOH recovery in alkylation's unit (Hardtac)

Petroleum and gas industries

Veolia provides solutions which meet the specific requirements of the petroleum and gas industries.


Veolia has provided thousands of water treatment systems which are used in production sites all around the world.

  • Injection water production, including sulphate reduction systems ;
  • Treatment of produced water which must be filtered and clarified before being released back into the environment or recycled.

Veolia is also developing specific and sophisticated systems to treat water in order to meet new production techniques for petroleum and natural gas (such as water injection and deep water production), and to comply with ever stricter environmental regulations.

Food and beverage

Water is one of the first ingredients used when manufacturing food, as process water for beverages, ready meals or dairy products. It is also a processing aid used throughout the process (cleaning water, transport water), as well as an energy utility when used as steam or for refrigeration (boiler feed water, cooling water, ice for preservation). In addition, food production sites must now comply with numerous requirements in the sanitary, economic and environmental domains.


The production of specification quality water for the process and treatment of resulting wastewater are crucial activities in the food industry. Veolia provides this industry with innovative technological solutions and offers a range of services, from facility maintenance and on-site technical assistance to the complete management of the industrial water cycle, with the aim to :

  • Guarantee food safety
  • Help food producer to deal with limited water resources
  • Optimize wastewater treatment
  • Reduce and treat wastewater sludge
  • Reduce the energy bill
  • Implement odor control

 Veolia currently operates and guarantees the reliability of water and/or wastewater treatment facilities in several hundred food plants. Industrial applications are as varied as breweries or non alcoholic beverages, dairy or meat products, fruit and vegetables processing, confectionery, food ingredients and additives, as well as the entire agro-industry.

Pulp & paper

Drawing on 40 years of experience in pulp and paper, as well as a network of subsidiaries across the world, Veolia provides paper manufacturers with a selection of technological solutions covering the entire range of requirements inherent to the water cycle: production of utility water and process water, evaporation concentration of black liquor and chloride and potassium removal through crystallization, wastewater and sludge treatment downstream of the production unit. Veolia has installed over 1,000 water treatment facilities throughout the world in the pulp and paper sector.


Veolia also provides its pulp and paper clients with water treatment operation and maintenance services, with guaranteed availability of their facilities and high quality of treated water at both supply and discharge points. A partnership with Veolia is synonymous with:

  • Optimized treatment efficiency and operating costs;
  • Continuous compliance with environmental standards;
  • High health and safety standards, facilities security.

16 Pulp and Paper manufacturers, located in Europe, North America and South Africa, have already chosen Veolia to handle their water treatment facilities.
Veolia possesses expertise for:

  • Boiler feed water and process water
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Sludge reduction
  • Recycling by-products (black liquor treatment) and water
  • Reducing costs and environmental impacts


Production of Purified Water, Highly Purified Water, Pyrogen Free Water and WFI to international pharmaceutical standards is widely recognized as a critical process. Veolia’s services to the biopharmaceuticals industry range from technical assistance to complete water cycle management.


Veolia’s unparalleled technological experience delivers complete solutions that meet and exceed these standards through compliance with:

  • latest USP and Ph. European standards;
  • cGMP requirements;
  • GAMP validation control systems;
  • FDA requirements;
  • ISPE Engineering Guide;
  • IPPC environmental requirements.

Whatever your needs - Pre-treatment, Purification, Storage and Distribution or Wastewater Treatment - Veolia uses the latest technologies available to improve manufacturing efficiency and reduce costs, without compromising process security and product quality. All aspects of our product development, project management and service offerings are managed to a high quality standard to ensure that our dedicated team of experts is in tune with the market needs.


Automobile manufacturers, their suppliers and industries in the metallurgical sector in general have four main objectives:

  • Quality products;
  • Reducing costs;
  • Respecting the environment;
  • Maintaining good labour relations on production sites.

Veolia supports automotive manufacturers in achieving these objects through  innovative technologies and cost-effective services covering every stage of the water cycle in the automobile industry:

  • Permanent, temporary or emergency plants to supply demineralised or RO permeate water for surface treatment;
  • Treatment of oil-water emulsions using membranes or evaporation techniques;
  • Treatment of factory waste including recycling methods that aim to achieve "zero liquid discharge" (ZLD);
  • Complete management of the water cycle, systems, biological wastewater treatment plants...;
  • Global agreements to build and operate new facilities;
  • Consideration of possible social impact.

Primary metals

Water is essential to the primary metals industry, though other materials required for production might get considerably more attention. However without reliable water management - productivity, quality and profitability is endangered.


Veolia is a company with a long tradition of serving the primary metals industry as provider of water management services and supplier of water related installations. As such, we have seen the challenges facing the industry at close distance. We have used our R&D resources to develop environmentally-friendly solutions to minimize the industry's environmental impacts and to preserve natural resources and we have trained our engineering and operational staff to place reliability, safety and cost efficiency at the forefront of their activities.

When Veolia take on the responsibility of your water installations:

  • We guarantee availability of water in the amount and the quality your production requires;
  • We can manage both internal and external water and wastewater loops;
  • We also provide Zero Liquid Discharge solutions if this is your request
  • We focus on providing the water services your production requires with due consideration to:
    - Efficiency
    - Environment
    - Health and safety


Veolia is a world leader when it comes to producing ultra-pure water for the microelectronics industry.


The Group works in partnership with numerous leading European and Asian companies. In addition, it provides electronic manufacturers with wastewater treatment and recycling services.

This leads to a reduction in overall water consumption when these systems are integrated with the water treatment systems.

Thanks to its network of technical experts, Veolia is able to meet the demands of its customers around the world from technical support through to the management of the entire water cycle.


Veolia’s technologies and expertise in the power production industry covers the complete water and wastewater cycle, including:

  • Boiler feed water production for steam generators, including treatment of condensate and purge waters;
  • Cooling water production;
  • Cooling systems management and cleaning, including monitoring of micro-organism and disinfection systems;
  • Water chemical conditioning;
  • Gas stripping, smoke and dust treatment;
  • Effluent treatments and reuse, including sludge treatment disposal;
  • Zero liquid discharge technologies.


Veolia designs tailor-made water management systems focused on technical performance, compliance with process and environmental requirements and long-term cost-effectiveness.