A wide range of expertise in municipal waste activities

Veolia has a wide range of expertise in recycling, collecting, transferring, treating and valorising waste, so that waste produced by human activities can be re-absorbed into the economic cycle while being treated in an environmentally friendly way.

Veolia provides the best solutions for municipalities, with a vision for sustainable development that takes into account management system needs, regional development and urban planning:

  • Upstream waste sorting and separate collection for efficient recycling and treatment;
  • Operation of waste collection centers;
  • Urban cleaning services and sewage piping system maintenance;
  • Stable treatment of municipal waste such as waste to energy and landfill;
  • Waste collection and reuse to help cities reduce raw materials and energy consumption.

Whether for large or small urban centers, Veolia provides continuing and long-term waste management services in conjunction with the requirements of municipal authorities.

Flexible investment and cooperation models

Veolia proposes tailored, reliable and environment-friendly solutions through flexible investment and cooperation models, for example, BOT, O&M, BOO and expertise counseling services of waste integrated management for provinces and cities.