Integrated services for waste management

Integrated services refer to the integration of mechanical and biological, Waste-to-Energy and landfill treatments in order to manage the wide range of waste characteristics. Integrated services ensure that the best processing technology is used to dispose of the proper type of waste in a way that is both low in carbon emissions while being environmentally friendly.
综合服务, 低碳环保, 有机垃圾处理, 垃圾渗滤液处理

When devising the waste treatment strategies, the municipal department will encounter a series of complex decisions. Veolia’s comprehensive waste treatment service provides coherent and sustainable waste management solutions for the customer, and can treat the waste safely now and in future.

The single waste treatment solution cannot effectively treat organic waste mixture. Veolia’s comprehensive waste treatment service which is low-carbon and environment-friendly employs an integrated solution combining of mechanical biological treatment, incineration and landfill so as to give the best suited treatment to different waste composition according to their properties.

Mechanical and biological treatments allow for waste reduction through screening, sorting and recovering the recyclable materials then compressing them so as to achieve dry and wet separation. The subsequent use of bio-drying, anaerobic and aerobic digestion would depend on the remaining waste characteristics.

Waste-to-energy power generation makes it possible to reuse high-calorific waste or refuse-derived fuel from waste machinery and biological treatment process. This offers better control over the treatment capacity of landfills, reducing the size of landfill area as well as landfill gas and waste leachate.