Municipal solid waste collection and transfer

Veolia has the comprehensive knowledge and expertise necessary to set up an efficient waste collection system fitting the specific requirements of local public authorities. Veolia manages the whole process of collecting and transferring municipal solid waste in a secure and environmentally friendly way with modern information technology tools to track the waste route and final treatment.

Veolia's extensive knowledge and expertise include:

Veolia makes recycling more efficient by offering a full range of containerization services, allowing it to calculate the optimal number of containers to be installed while managing their cleaning and maintenance.

Veolia can track dry and wet waste to provide a suitable treatment channel for recovery or recycling after source separation. It provides the same type of tracking services for other kinds of waste: municipal solid waste, general industrial waste, food waste, industrial refuse, paper, glass and hazardous waste.

Veolia employs a fleet of innovative, eco-friendly vehicles and IT tools so as to optimize its waste collection routes, providing rational round trip routes, real-time tracking information which is fast and accurate.

Veolia offers onboard computer systems in vehicles, allowing for data tracking of collection services for municipalities.

Veolia has been implementing measures to reduce and avoid the production of greenhouse gas emissions in its activities through:

  • Rationalization of waste collection and fuel efficiency improvements;
  • Use of alternative fuels like bio-diesel and bio-ethanol by collection trucks;
  • Development of alternative means of transportation such as rail and waterway transport;
  • Implementation of training programs for drivers.